Uncertainty surrounds Pant's IPL participation

Uncertainty surrounds Pants IPL participation

Uncertainty surrounds Pants IPL participation

Rishabh Pant could have to take a lengthy break from the sport. There seems to be little hope for him to play in the four-Test series against Australia in February-March, despite the fact that the degree of his injuries and recovery time are yet unknown. In the same line, it might be suggested that he might have to forgo the IPL in April and May. In the IPL, he leads the Delhi Capitals.

Cricbuzz is aware that the precise course of therapy and amount of time needed for recovery and rehabilitation cannot be determined until after the injury to his right knee's ligament has been treated. The 25-year-old wicketkeeper-batter is being monitored by the medical staff of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), who may fly him to Mumbai once he is able to travel.

Pant, who miraculously escaped a car collision on Friday morning (December 30), is recovering in the Max Hospital in Derhadun. Prior to beginning therapy for the ligament tear, Pant will be permitted to heal from other external wounds. The BCCI has volunteered to handle the ligament tear treatment.

In the nearly deadly collision in Gurukul, Narsan in the state of Uttarakhand, Pant suffered a variety of wounds, including a few cuts to his forehead. In addition to the ligament tear in his right knee, he also sustained injuries to his right wrist, ankle, and toe as well as abrasions on his back. Pant's status is thought to be stable as of Saturday.

Pant could be sent abroad for medical care; however, no official statement has been made regarding this possibility as of yet. The BCCI promised to make sure Pant gets the greatest medical attention and all the assistance he needs to recover from this tough time.

Pant took part in the recently finished Test series against Bangladesh. He was summoned to report to the National Cricket Academy (NCA) in Bengaluru for what has been referred to as the "Fitness block" after being excluded from the white-ball series against Sri Lanka. It now appears that his comeback to international cricket would be postponed and that he won't fully recuperate and rehabilitate until much later.


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