Threat of heavy rain looms as India attempts to tie the series

Threat of heavy rain looms as India attempts to tie the series

Threat of heavy rain looms as India attempts to tie the series


On Thursday,'scattered rains' are expected in Christchurch. The weather appears to be the main issue for the two sides right now during the ongoing India's tour of New Zealand, despite the fact that both have already qualified for next year's 50-over world cup. When India plays the hosts at the Hagley Oval on the penultimate day of November, they stand the best chance of tying the three-match series.

Shubman Gill expressed his displeasure with the current weather conditions in as many words as the final game was called off due to rain, which had already disrupted three of the five matches on the tour. Even while the matches, which are being played just a few weeks after the T20 World Cup, are of minimal importance to the two teams, it has given players like Gill from the nearly backup Indian team the chance to push their way up the priority list with the team management.

Given that many of their 50-over regulars participated in the semifinal run at the world cup in Australia, New Zealand, which won the first game and earned a draw in the second, would have little to complain about. They could use a little respite, but it's unlikely that it will come easily. To ensure that their winning streak in home ODIs continues and they complete another series victory, they could need to engage in several rounds of in-and-out movement from the field.

When: Wednesday, November 30, 2022, 2:30 AM (7:00 AM Local Time)

Where: New Zealand vs India, 3rd ODI, Hagley Oval, Christchurch

What to expect: Scattered showers and ample breaks between play.


They stated: " "As long as you can manage juggling all three while still being able to perform at the level you need to at this level, the body feels very fantastic right now. I plan to continue playing all three formats for a little bit longer because I like doing so." Tim Southee spoke on using all three formats.

"As the pace reduces from 155 kph to 135 kph, the batters can be tricked, therefore I gain from bowling with him. In addition to bowling together off the field, we're having fun." - Arshdeep Singh on bowling with Umran Malik in a match


The dangers of betting on cricket

Gambling involves risk, thus there is no certain payout in this situation. Loss of money is therefore the primary risk, of course. But there is also pride. So let's go over each one in more depth.

Loss of funds: When you place a wager, you risk a certain sum of money. There is a potential that you will succeed and make some extra money. However, it's not guaranteed because you could also lose.


Cricket wagering requires time. You cannot place a T20 or ODI wager without viewing the match or conducting any background study. If you consistently lose wagers, there's a potential you might spend more time learning about the game or the participants in order to win the following wager. In the world of gambling, there is no such thing as a winning streak. Therefore, there is always a chance of wasting time.


Loss of pride: This typically occurs while discussing games with big stakes. For instance, when India and Pakistan square off in a cricket match, it is referred to be the mother of all matches. When Australia and England face off in the Ashes, a similar scenario could occur. Such wagers are placed by two gamblers on their respective cricket teams. There can only be one victor in a cricket match, so someone has to lose.

Cricket betting
A wise wagering choice

In-depth analysis when it comes to cricket betting might be taxing, but it's necessary if you want to know what the greatest bets are.

- Handicap bets
- Cricket futures bets
- Cricket bets on the best team
- match bets
- per match completed
- By draw

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