Our prospects were ruined by an one poor bat session: Domingo

Our prospects were ruined by an one poor bat session: Domingo

Our prospects were ruined by an one poor bat session: Domingo

In the inaugural Test of the two-match series against India on Sunday at the Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium in Chattogram, Bangladesh's head coach Russell Domingo believed that one poor batting performance cost them the game. India defeated Bangladesh by a score of 188 runs to take a 1-0 series lead. Bangladesh suffered from their poor first-inning batting performance, folding for 150 runs and giving up a significant first-innings advantage of 254.

"To compete is the first (goal). We are aware of India's strength, but this Test match has been lost to one particularly poor batting performance. Although 400 is a respectable score, it is still doable in Chittagong. We should not have been dismissed for 150 runs in the first inning, and that is what cost us the match. I made some really bad decisions with the batters, and that disappoints me the most "At the Sunday post-game press conference, Domingo remarked.

"There is no denying that there is a lack of faith in the top-order. A young player (debuting centurion Zakir Hasan), who has never played a Test with us, is confident right now and has come in and shown us how to do it by playing really well. He clearly entered the Test match after his A side and domestic performances, "said he.

"Evidently, the other guys' confidence isn't very high right now, and they're having trouble breaking out of their slump. It's sad that there are so many players in the top five or six right now who haven't done as well as I had hoped or haven't been reliable "Added he.

Domingo acknowledged that this is a problem since it impacts the team's balance going into the second Test at Dhaka and added he is unsure whether Shakib al Hasan will be able to bowl if he plays the next game.

According to a previous Cricbuzz article, Shakib notified team management that he could only play as a batsman owing to rib and shoulder soreness, and despite only bowling 12 overs in the first innings, he was unable to rotate his arms during the second.

"I'm not positive if he will be available to bowl, to be honest. He can certainly bat, which is a problem for us since we need an all-around player. He will need to be evaluated in a day or two, but for now, he is in shape to play as a hitter "explained Domingo.

Domingo answered a query about Shakib's commitment to the side as well. It's a challenging question. It is a sensible query. Although he gives the impression of being very relaxed back, when he is competing, he takes performance pride. From the outside, one may wonder, "Does he really care?," yet I am aware of his intense pride in his performances. He doesn't want to look foolish in public. He is giving it all he has.

"He is the captain of the team and has one of our greatest records. He scored 80 in the second innings. Therefore, even if you don't bowl well, you can still be a valuable all-round player with the bat, and vice versa. With the bat, he is worth the money "He commented that it has been difficult to strike the correct balance in the lineup.

"At the present, balancing the side is really challenging. We have bowlers who cannot bat, and our batting order lacks confidence. Not their fault because they are not there to bat, but having only four bowlers available makes us somewhat exposed, he added, adding that whether they will use Yasir Ali at three or not depends on many different combinations and permutations.

Yasir Ali had to be moved up to the number three position for Bangladesh in the current Test match, however the move was unsuccessful as he scored four and five runs in each of his first two innings.

"There wasn't anyone else, so we had to abruptly change the batting order. We desired to add a right-hander at the top of the lineup. He is a person who performed well in the few games he played with us. He had considerable success in New Zealand before becoming injured, "added Domingo.

"Yasir strives to score and play well and positively, which is why we put him at number three. Shakib, Mushfiqur, Litton, or Sohan (Nurul) couldn't bat at three, but we wanted him to, and Chittagong is a fantastic spot to bat because of the good wicket there "said he.

"Depending on the team's composition (whether Yasir bats at three or not). There, Shakib was expected to bowl a few overs. It's something I should consider moving forward "said he.

"Before making a choice, we must ascertain the characteristics of the wicket in Mirpur because they are different. But I prefer to treat players fairly and don't enjoy modifying and chopping all that much. Thus, Yasir (wherever he plays) must seize the moment "Finally, he said.


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