The management of the Indian squad is concerned about the IPLs lack of WTC preparedness

The management of the Indian squad is concerned about the IPLs lack of WTC preparedness

The management of the Indian squad is concerned about the IPLs lack of WTC preparedness

Mumbai: The World Test Championship (WTC) final, which will be played at The Oval starting on June 7, has raised worries among the Indian team management due to what they believe is a lack of preparation. The support staff of the team, according to The Indian Express, has interacted with each player personally and assessed their level of fitness. Additionally, they needed to know if the Indian Premier League allowed the chosen players to practice using the red ball.

The players have acknowledged their impotence and complained that they haven't had enough time to hold separate practice sessions in order to get ready for the important Test match against Australia.

The bowlers were also questioned about whether they had upped their workload in May. The team management had advised players not to put too much strain on their bodies when the IPL started on March 30. 


In May, it was requested that the bowlers in particular boost their workload by throwing longer net sessions in anticipation of the WTC final.

The team management believed that the players' bodies should adjust to the fact that the WTC Showdown will be a 90-over-per-day contest and that they will be required to stand for six hours on the field.

In their feedback and responses, the Indian bowlers let the team's support personnel know that because they travel every third day during the IPL, their bodies aren't receiving enough time to heal. There is a possibility of injury and disintegration if their body is overworked.

Several members of the Indian team have already been excluded from the match against Australia. KL Rishabh Pant and Jasprit Bumrah are both hurt and Rahul is also out. During the IPL, Jaydev Unadkat and Umesh Yadav both sustained injuries. As the players, coaching staff, and support personnel go for England in three waves, Yadav has since regained his fitness, and Unadkat is probably in good shape as well.

Rohit Sharma, the captain of India, had stated prior to the IPL that red balls would be sent to all fast bowlers, and they should bowl with them if they have the opportunity, but once more, it depends on the person.

The players must maintain their fitness for national service while competing for their franchises in the IPL, Rohit had emphasized following the ODI series against Australia that preceded the IPL.

It's quite important for us. We will monitor all of the players who will compete in that (WTC) final, maintain in close contact with them, and find out how they are doing," Sharma had previously stated.

Before the WTC final, there is a chance that India won't play a warm-up game. Because they will be playing for their separate franchises, the majority of the players won't be available. May 28 will see the IPL championship match. Cheteshwar Pujara, who is now competing for Sussex in the English County Championship, is the only player currently getting worthwhile match practice with the red ball.

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